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Albany Medical Center Acquires the Latest CT Imaging Technology
   February 20, 2006


ALBANY, N.Y., February 20, 2006— The Albany Medical Center recently acquired the new LightSpeed Volume Computed Tomography (CT) imaging system, which provides the most detailed images of the human body on the market. According to hospital officials, the Medical Center is the first hospital in the area to offer patients this state-of-the-art technology.


The scanner can capture images of an entire beating heart in only five heartbeats or of a vital organ in one second, and can scan the entire body for trauma in just 10 seconds, more than twice as fast as conventional multi-slice CT scanners.


“Faster scans mean faster exams, and less stress and anxiety for the patient,” said Peter Karis, Director of Imaging and Related Services. “Patients do not have to hold their breath as long in this new scanner, which is particularly helpful to geriatric patients and those who are on ventilators, and patients are exposed to less radiation.”


 In a single rotation, the Lightspeed VCT Scanner, manufactured by GE Healthcare, can acquire 64 high-resolution images of the internal anatomy with each image representing an area of the body as thin as a credit card. These images are combined to form a three-dimensional view of the patient’s anatomy for physicians to analyze in order to diagnose life-threatening injuries and illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.


“This latest technology gives us the ability to apply CT imaging to a wider set of clinical applications,” said Karis. “The addition of the LightSpeed VCT system complements and

extends the range of quality diagnostic services that Albany Med offers patients. We’re thrilled to be the first hospital in the region to offer this cutting edge technology.”


The new scanner is located in the Medical Center’s emergency department, in close proximity for trauma and stroke patients, for patients complaining of chest pain, and for critically ill inpatients. The department’s former scanners, a 16-slice and a 4-slice CT scanner, will be freed up for outpatients.


Albany Medical Center is northeastern New York’s only academic health sciences center. It consists of Albany Medical College, Albany Medical Center Hospital; and the Albany Medical Center Foundation, Inc. Additional information about Albany Medical Center can be found at


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