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Region’s Only Clinical Geneticist Joins Pediatric Staff at Albany Medical Center
   January 26, 2004


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   ALBANY, N.Y., Jan. 26, 2004 — Darius J. Adams, M.D., has been appointed the director of clinical genetics at Albany Medical Center. Dr. Adams will work within the Children’s Hospital at Albany Med and is the region’s only clinical geneticist.
   A graduate of New Jersey Medical School, Dr. Adams did his residency in genetics and pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical Center. He also did a fellowship in biochemical genetics at that same institution.
   At Albany Med, Adams and his staff, which includes three genetic counselors, will offer a full range of services including testing for and evaluation of genetic disorders as well as risk assessments for patients, including those planning pregnancies. According to Dr. Adams, “If some genetic abnormalities can be diagnosed early enough through proper testing, they can be treated at a very early stage and children will then go on to live completely normal lives.” Adams also specializes in the treatment and management of chromosomal defects such as Down’s syndrome, metabolic disorders, and adult-onset conditions. In addition to testing children, geneticists are also able to test high-risk couples with children who have been born with certain birth defects to determine if they carry the genes that could predict whether the same condition could occur with another child.
   In announcing the appointment, David A. Clark, M.D., director of the Children’s Hospital at Albany Med, said, “There are only about 150 board qualified physicians in both clinical and metabolic genetics as well as pediatrics in the country. With the addition of Dr. Adams to the staff, we will be able to provide highly specialized and vital services for the people of the region.”
   Dr. Adams can be reached by calling 518-262-5588


























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